FLIPI - the brightest lighting for your child’s room

So secure that you don’t even have to think about it

A wide range of pictures you can change any time

Long-lasting, thanks to LED technology

Design your own illustrations for your FLIPI lights

Click to switch designs

Click the remote to turn the light on / off!

Flipi lighting

FLIPI is a family of contemporary luminaires specially designed for children’s rooms. With integrated dimmer and LED fixture, this is the best general lighting solution for all kids’ rooms. You can adjust the brightness according to the size of the room and children’s activities. FLIPI children’s ceiling lights also have a wake-up function for dark mornings and can be used as a night light the whole night through. The remote control is easy to use for both kids and their parents.

FLIPI lights follow three simple rules: it has to create pure light and ensure sufficient brightness for every activity, it has to be extremely safe, and it has to be fun. By choosing or creating illustrations for their lights by themselves, we hope to encourage kids to take the first steps toward designing their own space.

Find out all the benefits



I have my own room and I can decorate it in a way that doesn’t get boring. I can easily change the
pictures on my FLIPI light, and that’s cool. My room, my rules, my pictures



I like the unicorn on my lamp – she is my friend. I like greeting her in the morning and wishing her good night in the
evening. She helps me to fall asleep, because I know that while I sleep, she is watching over me.


TaaviInterior architect

A FLIPI light makes my job very easy, because it fits well into any child’s room. I can always be certain
that thanks to sufficient lighting and diverse pictures, every child and parent will be satisfied with this



I like the FLIPI light because of the lighting it brings into my kid’s room. She loves the remote control a lot,
because it helps to regulate the light to exactly what she needs – either brighter for playing, or
completely dim for falling asleep.


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