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4 important criteria when choosing a ceiling light for a children’s room

12. Feb 2019

When decorating a kid’s room for the first time or as part of home improvements, you always need to find a solution for general lighting. Although we were all children once and therefore should know from experience what kind of luminaire is suitable, after turning on a newly installed light many find that the result is not what they expected. Here we highlight the main aspects to take into consideration when choosing a ceiling light for a children’s room:

1) Sufficient light output. The most common problem with the lighting in children’s room is a lack of light, which directly affects children’s mood and concentration, especially during the dark winter months. Insufficient light has a negative effect on the eyes and enhances fatigue in children. When choosing a luminaire, the size and shape of the room should be taken into consideration, because children make use of the entire room in their activities. Therefore a lot of light is not only needed under the luminaire, but it needs to spread all over the room.

2) Purity of light. While choosing a luminaire a colourful lampshade may seem pretty and appropriate, but as a result the whole room turns red, green or some other colour. This type of ‘light noise’, which over time becomes oppressing, should be avoided. You should choose a luminaire that provides the type of light in which things retain their natural colour.

3) Light temperature. Beneath this somewhat foreign concept an important nuance is hidden: which shade of white light the luminaire or light bulbs provide. Since kids’ rooms are in a way workspaces for children – they play, learn and read in them – warm white light should be preferred, but rather at the colder end of the scale. In an adult bedroom 2400-2700K (kelvins, the unit of temperature for light) should be preferred, but the general light temperature of a children’s room should be 2900-3000K.

4) Safety. The safety of the luminaire is noted last, but it is very important. Children do not tend to think about possible dangers during their activities and thus during playtime a ball or a pillow can easily fly towards the ceiling. Therefore it is important that the ceiling light is safe and will not injure the child even if it breaks.

If you pay attention to the aspects mentioned above you will take a big step towards your children’s room having great general lighting. If the luminaire you choose meets the aforementioned requirements, then it is also worth paying attention to other things: the possibility of adjusting luminous intensity; in the case of built-in LED modules their lifespan; and how long the luminaire will remain up to date with its decorations.